Administration & Structure

Integration Centre for Migrant Workers-Ecumenical Refugee Program (KSPM-ERP)” is a non-profit organization of the Church of Greece (General Commercial Registry’s Registration Number: 1224718-16/10/2017).

Any decision concerning the Centre is made by a five member Steering Committee which consists of the following:

President of the Governing Committee:
The Most Reverend Bishop of Ilion, Acharnai and Petroupolis Athenagoras, tel.: (0030)2107272278, e-mail:

The Most Reverend Bishop of Nea Ionia and Philadelphia Gabriel, tel.: (0030)2107272278, e-mail:

General Secretary:
The Most Reverend Bishop of Thessalia and Fanariofersala Timotheos, tel.: (0030)2107272278, e-mail:

The Very Reverend Archimandrite Panteleimon Papasynefakis, tel.: (0030)2107272277, e-mail:

Mrs. Evangelia Dourida, tel.: (0030)2107272270, e-mail:


The «Integration Centre for Migrant Workers-Ecumenical Refugee Program (KSPM-ERP)» consists of four (4) main departments:

  • Research and Studies department,
  • Ecumenical Refugee Program (Legal and Social Support Services),
  • Reintegration Center for Returning Migrants and the
  • Administrative Accounting & Procurement department


The departments are staffed with 4 permanent employees assigned by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece;

Projects are implemented by experienced and dedicated collaborators of various specialties (lawyers, social workers, sociologists, theologians etc.) who have been working with the organization for a long time.