Study and Research office

Study and Research office

The Study and Research Office has the following tasks:

  • The scientific study and investigation of aspects of the phenomenon of immigration, the repatriation of refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The conduct of relevant sociological and empirical researches.
  • Monitoring of European Migration Policy and Asylum Policy, comparative study of the social-insurance law of E.E. countries with emphasis on the law of the country where Greek immigrants are working, and conducting relevant scientific researches and studies.
  • Monitoring relevant Greek and international literature.
  • The creation of a special library and a database on those issues
  • Organising Conferences, Meetings and Press Conferences on issues regarding migration, repatriation, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The participation in local, national or international conferences, workshops, scientific and Consulting Labour Groups and Teams of experts on those issues.
  • Communication and dissemination of the findings of the studies, scientificresearch and experience of the Centre through publications, conferences and mass media in order to inform the community and the Authorities and to raise public awareness.
  • Submitting memoranda to the relevant Greek and foreign authorities, on the basis of the Center’s empirical experience and finding of conducted scientific research.
  • Preparation, submission and evaluation of programs addressed to target group, funded by national/European resources or by international and national organizations, religious organizations and organizations of the civil society.

It cooperates with High & Higher Educational Institutions and Researchers Centers of Greece and abroad and especially with Western Europe countries on issues regarding immigration, repatriation, refugee and asylum. As part of this cooperation, the “Center” accepts undergraduates students of Social and Political Sciences, Legal Studies, Social Labour and Social Education from Greek or foreign universities and technological educational institutions for on-the-job training.

It may undertake in collaboration with Universities, Technoligal Institutions and Researcher Centers, foreign or Greek, the conducting of scientific research and studies on matters of immigration, repatriation, refugees and asylum seekers.

Corresponds as regards implemented activities and correspondence regarding projects funded by national or external resources and keeps the relevant records.