On the occasion of the joint statement of the World Council of Churches, the General Director of KSPM-ERP, Arch. Panteleimon Papasinefakis, made the following statement:

“The World Council of Churches could not but be alarmed about the dire situation of migrants and refugees in Europe, especially after the horrible tragedy that struck the refugee camp at Moria.

WCC members have released a joint statement that is not a mere wish list but puts a finger on sore points: through a number of observations and difficult questions, the statement confronts Europe with its responsibilities and proposes solutions as there is no further room for delays. The statement also supports Greece’s efforts and makes clear that the handling of the situation is not a Greek but a European responsibility.

Furthermore, the Church of Greece intervened so as to get a declaration that the conflict in the Aegean is not a conflict between Turkey and Greece only but between Turkey and Europe also.

I wish that the European leaders will truly address the refugee situation and provide solutions based on solidarity, love and respect of human rights.

The Orthodox Church of Greece is ready as it has been doing for many years to assist once more this effort to the best of its abilities following the words of the Gospel.”