``Legal and psychosocial support``

Acknowledging the increased needs of asylum seekers and appreciating the long-standing experience and work of our Organization, the Swiss Embassy through Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC has facilitated a funding agreement in order for our organization to continue providing legal and psycho-social assistance to seekers of international protection, focusing on vulnerable cases of family reunion claims under the Dublin III regulation.

``Rebuild our Lives``

We are pleased to announce that the organization “Bread for the World” has agreed to expand funding for the implementation of the project “Rebuild our Lives” for the next three years (1/1/2021-31/12-2023).

This agreement comes as an acknowledgement of the long-standing work of the Church of Greece -through our Organization- in the field of providing legal and psychosocial support to international protection seekers with emphasis on extremely vulnerable cases and unaccompanied minors.

The continuation of the program, which has been funded by BftW for the last two years contributes decisively to our multifaceted work on supporting our vulnerable fellow human beings who are looking for a better future in Europe.


“EUFAST -Social integration skills for newly arrived migrants and refugees through social stories scenarios enacted using European Cultural heritage sites and near-peer Role Models” (code 2019- 1-EL01-KA204-063043) is implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ by a consortium of 8 organizations from 5 European countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Germany). The main goal of “EUFAST” project is to reach out migrants and refugees, train them in oral communication skills (listening, body language, friendliness, clarity, empathy, respect) aiming at their fast integration, culture awareness and active participation in the society. The training material, offered through role – playing, multilingual, social stories scenarios enacted through the use of mobile devices, will cover skills ranging from basic interaction with people in the neighborhood, to using public services and interacting with local people. Project’s implementation period is from 1/11/2019 to 28/2/2022.