Integration Center for Migrant Workers – Ecumenical Refugee Programme has, during its over 40-year course, assisted thousands of our fellow human beings on various sectors, supporting their efforts to repatriate or integrate in the Greek and European reality.

In our constantly developing world of science and technology, our organisation has decided to take one of its most important steps since its establishment by the Church of Greece. With respect for the values and principles of its operation set by our Church and all the people having worked for it, the name and logo of our organization change today, the 2nd of March 2021. SYNYPARXIS (Coexistence) – ECUMENICAL REFUGEE PROGRAM is our new name, underlining our continuous efforts to stand by the people who need us. This is depicted in our new logo: Four hearts- concepts (symbolizing the four fundamental principles-actions of our organization, Love, Solidarity, Acceptance, Support) unite in a cross pattern. The syn (+) symbol comes in the middle to connect these principles, deriving from four human figures symbolizing the action-praxis for each principle. All these elements compose a symmetrical shape completed by 4 brackets connecting the human figures, symbolizing the synergy between the actions. The logo symbolizes the composition and synergy of actions-humans- principles through the unifying symbol of the Cross.

The 4 decades of our activity will be our compass for the future at this new era beginning today. Godspeed.

On behalf of the organization.