A wonderful performance of the Shadow Theater – Karagiozis had the opportunity to enjoy children who are hosted in one of our shelters, with the help of our partner, well-known Karagiozis player Mr. Babis Kostidakis.

During the preparation of the show, the children participated in setting up the stage, the lights, the sound system following the instructions of the person in charge. The room was filled with seats so that the children could watch. The lights went out and the show started. With the first notes of the well-known music of Karagiozis, the children began to applaud and keep the rhythm. During the show, they actively participated by answering and helping the clown in the conduct of the story.

With laughter and voices, they watched the whole show. In the end, the person in charge put the children behind the stage to see how he plays: they saw the figures, they saw how the sounds are created (eg how the cuff is created), what material the figures and the scenes are made of. They also helped to clear the stage, thanking Mr. Kostidakis for this beautiful moment.